Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesdays with St Anne for 2010

Finally I writing another post for the Tuesdays with St Anne series since finishing it on a weekly basis, last year. I promised back then I would post from time to time when I had something specific to share.

I also have a new look for my Tuesdays with St Anne BECAUSE she has a new home in our home! I couldn't find my camera charger until late in our afternoon, so the photo is not in the right light..I'll come back and change that tomorrow but her new home is nestled in the center of a new buffet and hutch in our lounge, she looks perfect there.

My heart is full of the wonder of this great saint at present!!! St Anne has been very good to us and I would like to share more soon, but for now I'd like to show you an image that I received in the latest Annual of St Anne magazine:

This reliquary is housed in the largest shrine to St Anne in the world ~ St Anne de Beaupre in Canada. I think that the marble images to each side show why the shrine came into being, Breton (French) sailors were in peril on the St Lawrence river and begged St Anne to save them, in return, they would build a shrine in her honour, this was in 1620 ~ the rest they say, is history!

St Anne's feast day is really only a few months away as well. (26th July) This year I would like to make a few more St Anne chaplets to give away along with the St Anne oil and Good St Anne booklet, I have already ordered and received my St Anne chaplet medals in bronze:

It is a beautiful medal of St Anne de Auray, a famous French shrine image in her honour.

This year I would like to make a St Anne necklace set to give away as well, the medal for this set will be in bronze, this is what it looks like, and it is lovely and big!

Also, if you have some beautiful story to share about your devotion to St Anne, or prayers answered, please share, I'd love to add it to my Tuesdays with St Anne!


Gardenia said...

Oh I do love St. Anne. She interceded for me in finding my future husband. I prayed her novena, and 21 days from the start of the novena I met my husband. I am devoted to her. those are beautiful pieces for necklaces. and a beautiful statue of St. Anne. (have I introduced myself before? I love your blog).

TI said...

Dear AussiAnne, I love your website and am glad for your special Tuesdays with St. Anne. I am a convert (2005 at 55 years of age!) and I took as my confirmation name, Anne. My mother's and grandmother's name is Anna and my sister's name is Ann. All my childhood Catholic friends went to St. Anne's CC.

When I was a child I had "visions" of a large Pink Bride, as I called her, who would come to my bedroom doorway. Even at 10 years old, I was famous in my Baptist family (my uncle was a preacher) for defending the Catholic Church. How I knew that Catholics didn't worship Mary or statues is beyond me. My dear aunt (yes, the preacher's wife) recognized my devotion, however, to the Church and gave me a small ceramic statue of Our Mother Mary which I still have today by my bedside.

Upon my conversion, I began to understand that the Pink Bride was perhaps someone more special after reading that there is a group of Carmelite sisters whose habits are pink in honor of the Holy Spirit. My name is Letitia after the Latin laetare or joy, familiar to us as Catholics because of Laetare Sunday during Lent when the rose or pink vestments are used. Not until I entered the Church did I come into the full meaning of my name. Truly, now I know joy because of the privilege we have as Catholics to come before the Presence of our Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus and His Church, His Mother and His Grandmother have changed my life.

I cherish St. Anne and all the poetic connections to her I have had in my life. I'm still learning about the communion of saints and feeling so blessed to have these holy family members and friends around me. Thank you for your devotion to St. Anne and your lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ann, those medals are beautiful. You have such a gift. I cherish my tenner you made for me.