Sunday, July 18, 2010

Starting the novena to St Anne today

St Anne

St Joachim

Today is the day to start a novena to St Anne for her feast day, in Australia if you start today you will finish on the 26th (St Anne and Joachim's feast day) and if you are in the northern hemisphere/US, if you start today you should finish on the Eve.

I have a favourite St Anne novena, here is the link to it beautifully presented at this website.

I have fallen in love with this novena as it is on my ipieta app on my iphone. It has a daily prayer to St Anne and then an individual prayer for each day of the nine day novena...what intrigues me is how often I read the novena prayer of the day and the theme in it speaks right to me and my daily state of mind or situation.

I will be remembering all the intentions of the ladies who have been participating with me the the present Tuesdays with St Anne series leading to her feast, may St Anne bless you all!

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