Friday, March 11, 2011

Tota Pulchra beading creations

As some of you would know, I have been beading for the last three years, creating rosary beads, chaplets, tenners and also my favourite speciality ~ religious jewellery for women.

I called my little hobby/business 'Tota Pulchra" beads, (see the quote below) which means "All Beautiful" so in recent times I have also gone by the name "All Beautiful Catholic Beads" I need to sort my name out for good, very soon I think. Here is my website below:

My creations have always been heirloom quality, with no plated parts. My more recent creations are incredibly durable with no parts that will break down (like seed beads) in the creations that would take alot of wear & tear ~ namely, rosary beads, chaplets and tenners. (I still use beautiful seed beads for my jewellery.) I double crimp for extra strength, crimp either side of Pater beads to stop movement in the beads over time and use a wire that is flexible yet 49 strands of stainless steel, strong.

I have been beading of late, as I bead for a few months and then stop for a few months, just the way I do it! Here are some of my latest creations below, that are currently for sale in my Rosary Gallery.

This rosary is called, "Michael Skellig" Rosary ~ in honour of the ancient, Catholic island off the coast of Ireland.

This large rosary is called "Breastplate of St Patrick" ~ it is my special favourite out of all my latest creations, pop over to my rosary gallery to see why.

This rosary is called, "Calm Waters" Rosary in honour of the great miracle that inspired the building of the greatest shrine to St Anne in the world ~ St Anne de Beaupre.

This rosary is called "Lourdes Spring" rosary, in honour of the healing spring of Lourdes in France. The colours of this rosary represent the spring's humble beginnings which I explain over in my gallery.

I like my work to reflect the ancient Catholic saying, "Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi" roughly translated to mean, the way we pray, is the way we believe. It is a quote that refers to the liturgy of the Church of course but I reflect on those words and think ~ when we create something beautiful, it is an outward reflection and reminder that we offering something beautiful to God and for our fellow man in the spiritual sense when we use it for prayer.

It is a beautiful and rewarding past time, creating holy sacramentals that people will use for a lifetime for great, great spiritual good ~ it's an awesome thought, actually.

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rox said...

Anne this is a most beautiful post !
Oh I love the Lourdes ! I wish I could buy it for my Jasmine ☺
I was praying to Our Lady Lourdes for her when she found her house I know Our Lady hand a hand in it ☺
I'm going to go over and see the cost ;-)