Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Novena on the Feast of St Andrew

If you do NOTHING else this advent with your children but recite this prayer, you will be doing something wonderful, here is why.

The prayer is recited 15 times per day. Sounds repetitious. It's not, it is a constant turning of the mind and heart to the midnight hour of Christmas. I don't think you will find a better more perfect way to prepare yourself and your children for Christmas. Pray for those you love, pray for those you know need a miracle of grace, pray for yourself and your needs in the intentions, and lay those intentions at the feet of the Child Jesus like the shepherds and Magi, on Christmas morning.

This year I have quickly made myself a novena bracelet to wear until Christmas. I've particular chosen beads with varied patterns in the stone so I can wear the bracelet, offer the prayer and note which bead I am up to by it's markings. That's the theory. ;) I feel confident though, I won't even take the bracelet off to do that, just touch the bead I am up to as I offer my next prayer. Simple and easy.

The postcard image above has the Christmas Novena prayer on it, if you download and print up, you can post a few copies around the house for a reminder.

Wishing everyone a blessed and holy Advent.


:) jessica said...

I love that prayer and what a beautiful bracelet to go along with it!! You have so many wonderful, creative ideas. :)

I pray you and your family have a blessed Advent Season!


Lisa Maria said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been saying this novena since I was a child and had planned on sharing it on my blog. I will be sharing the link to your site as well so that others can see your beautiful bracelet.. what a lovely idea and so creative!

It looks like you're well on your way to a wonderful Advent and Christmas!

God Bless!

Leanne said...

Dear Anne, Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.
May your Advent season be a Blessed one.
God Bless