Thursday, July 12, 2012

July: Month of the Precious Blood

Bernini's Crocifissione 

It has been a long time since I posted last, I've had a long blogger's break but I hope to post a little bit more regularly in the future.  

Here we are in the month of July which is dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus.  I wanted to remind others that I have completed my Precious Blood Page that lists with photos, info and links, to all my Precious Blood postings a few years back, when I wanted to share a few beautiful and rare prayers dedicated to the Precious Blood and Our Lady.  So please click over to have a browse.

The prayers had come from a Precious Blood Manual called, "The Precious Blood and Mother" and is one of the best prayer books I have ever seen. (see photo and link below)

To purchase this gem of a prayer manual, click here.

There is a lovely page with a comprehensive list of prayers, devotions and stories of devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus over at Catholic Tradition, it is definitely worth a visit.

I just finished making this chaplet to the Precious Blood for my sister-in-law yesterday, the medal features the Divine Mercy image with the blood and water and the rosary centre features the Heart of Jesus with one drop of His Precious Blood, on the back read the words from Pope Pius IX: 

"Place upon thy heart, one drop of the Precious Blood of JESUS and fear nothing."  

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