Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Adoring the Precious Blood of Jesus

Here is another beautiful prayer from the Precious Blood & Mother pg 143

Offering of the Hour of Adoration

August Mother of a Crucified God! I come to adore the Blood of thy Jesus; that Blood which my sins have caused to flow and which has been shed only to deliver me from the Eternal malediction pronounced against them.

Moved to repentance, penetrated with gratitude, I should wish to render to the generous Blood of my beloved Redeemer every homage of glorification and love of thanksgiving and reparation which He has a right to expect from those whom He has redeemed at so great a price.

Permit me, then O our Lady of the Precious Blood, to fall on my knees before thee, most humbly begging thee to bless me. Yes, dearest Mother, bless me; bless this “Hour of Adoration” and deign to unite it to the three hours of agony during which thou didst adore the Soul of thy Crucified Son transpierced with sorrow; the bleeding victim exposed on the Altar of the Cross. Impregnate my heart with all the sentiments which filled thine own and communicate to it that spirit of adoration, compassion, reparation and zeal which was so sweet to Jesus Crucified and so useful to souls.

Offer to God, perpetually immolated on the altar, all the pious exercises by which, during the hour of adoration, I wish to render homage to His Divine Blood. Penetrate me with the devotion of which this Blood is the source in order that I may adore It in a manner which may glorify It, repair the outrages of which It is the object, save a countless number of souls and, above all, obtain that not one of those who will appear today before the throne of Eternal Justice may be rejected from the number of the Elect who are to receive unending mercy, love and happiness.

May thy intercession, O Mary, obtain these graces for the glory of the blood of thy Son Jesus! Amen.


just another day in paradise said...

I've never seen this picture before. It's so beautiful!!! Thank you for posting these prayers.

Lynn said...

I'm copying this prayer down in my prayer journal. It's just beautiful as is that picture.
God Bless