Thursday, July 19, 2007

Prayer before an Operation in the Month of the Precious Blood

Tonight I’d thought I would put this prayer on from The Precious Blood & Mother manual pg 152. As there is often a time in our lives when loved ones or ourselves need to undergo surgery.

A dear friend of mine (in her early 30’s) *Editing to add a link (2011) required open heart surgery earlier this week, she is a mother of five, all under the age of 13. Many were praying for a very good outcome and it was successful!
She was able to have her mitral valve repaired rather than have a plastic valve to replace the damaged one. This is a great blessing, it means no blood-thinner drugs for the rest of her life and still keeps open the possibility for more children in the future.

Prayer Before An Operation

Father, as I face this operation, I come to You with my fears and misgivings and ask You to put into my heart the needed courage to face the day with unwavering confidence in Your goodness and protection. May the knowledge that You do not slumber nor sleep while I am in a deep sleep, be an assurance to me that I need not worry nor be afraid. Calm my nerves, put my mind at ease and, in Your Mercy, forgive me all my sins.

Give the surgeon a steady hand and the skill to do his task with ease and perfection. Give to my loved ones the reassuring faith that You are with us, the Keeper of my body and the Lover of my soul! Calm all their anxieties during the coming hours of my operation.

Into Your Hands I entrust my well being. All this I ask, Father, in the Name of Jesus and through the merits of His Most Precious Blood. Amen.

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