Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hymn to the Precious Blood

From pg 8 of The Precious Blood & Mother manual
is this hymn to the Precious Blood, it would make
lovely copywork in the month of the Precious Blood.

Hymn to the Precious Blood

Glory to Thee, Glory to Thee.
O Blood of our Saviour,
We adore evermore, we adore evermore,
Blood of the Eucharist and Calvary.

Thou, O Jesus, art my portion,
Here on earth, and after above.
To Thy Blood I bring the homage
Of my heart and all my love.
I’ll live, O Jesus, for Thy glory.
Immolating all to Thee,
Thy cross, Thy Eucharist divine,
Have alone sweet charms for me.

From Thy wounds, all torn and bleeding,
I behold a painful sight,
Crimson Blood-drops ever flowing,
Pleading love both day and night.
It flows, yet sinners, so ungrateful,
Mock its pains with laughing jeers,
At least Virgins whom Thou lovest,
With Thy Blood shall mingle tears.

Come infuse the grace and fervor,
That should fill my heart for Thee;
A deep love, that never seeketh,
Save Thy cross its joy to be.
And when the guilty world forgets Thee,
Heedless of Thy Blood Divine,
My God, with seraphic ardor,
Come inflame this heart of mine.

If by pain and immolation
I could see the sinner rest
Safe within Thine arms paternal,
This reward would be the best.
While in this weary land of exile
My sole joy is found near Thee,
With Thy Grace and Blood so Precious
I await eternity.

The above is a translation of “Gloire au Sang.”
The favourite hymn of the Holy Foundress,
Mother Catherine Aurelia (foundress of the Sister
Adorers of the Precious Blood.)

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