Friday, July 20, 2007

Prayer to the Holy Cross in the Month of the Precious Blood

A beautiful prayer to the Holy Cross from The Precious Blood & Mother manual pg 23, I just love the imagery in this prayer (and so many like this one, in this special manual.)

Prayer to the Holy Cross

Hail, O Holy Cross, my light and my strength! bond of my redemption, my salvation and my glory. Hail, O Holy Cross, my refuge and my shelter! Hail, emblem of grace, consolation of the afflicted, impregnable wall against the power of the evil spirit! Hail, standard of peace, empurpled by the Blood of Jesus, and ornamented by His Sacred Limbs as though by precious stones! O Holy Cross, thou through whom we have obtained eternal glory, be my victor over all inimical powers, the remedy for all my ills, my support in my weariness, and the guarantee of the resurrection of my body. May Jesus, the God-Man, our Saviour, Who shed His Blood for us, protect me through Thee and conduct me to my heavenly home. Amen.

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