Monday, July 2, 2007

Prayer to the Precious Blood

Today I want to share with you a really beautiful prayer to the Precious Blood from my "The Precious Blood & Mother" prayer manual. It is found on pg 40:

Prayer to the Precious Blood

"O Sacred Blood,
that flowed so copiously seven times for my salvation, I love Thee, I
praise Thee, I adore Thee with the deepest feeling of gratitude! The purest fountain from which Thou didst flow makes Thy memory so sweet. O Precious Blood, with trumpet tones Thou speakest to me of the love of my God and Redeemer. How I deplore my coldness and indifference towards Thee! Now, at last, I wish to return love for love, blood for blood, if necessary. As often as my pulse beats, it shall greet Thee, Thou sweet Guest of my soul, and shall return to the arteries warmed and purified by Thy love. As long as the blood courses through my veins, it shall flow only for love of Thee; it shall circulate only for Thy interests and it shall turn cold and stand still only because I am about to love Thee in eternity. Oh, let this stream of Thy love flow through every heart and inebriate it with holy joy!

My dearest Mother Mary, I beseech Thee with confidence, obtain for me, although thy unworthy child, the blessing of God the Father, by covering me with the merits of thy Son Jesus, that I may regain my eternal birthright in Heaven. Clothe me every evening, Sweet Lady of Mt. Carmel, but especially on the eve of my life, with the "Dyed Garments" of the Precious Blood. Amen."

On the days we cannot get to Mass, here is a beautiful Spiritual Communion, if you already say one, this might be a nice one just for the month of July. Pg: 64 of The Precious Blood & Mother:

Spiritual Communion

"O Blood of Jesus Christ,
I adore Thee in Thy Eucharistic Presence on the Altar!
I believe in Thy power and sweetness!
I long to receive Thee within my poor needy heart!
Come then to me O Blood! T
hou art my light, my life, my all!"

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