Monday, September 3, 2007

Breathing new life into something old..

A few weeks ago dh and I bought 6 second hand dining chairs as our old ones for the last 14 years, had deteriorated. We only needed 6 as we have a church pew down one side of the dining table and needed 5 chairs to complete the setting.

Chairs are so expensive! But we found these lovely chairs in the newspaper and bought the lot for $150. The only trouble was the fabric seats. The fabric was stained and stripes are not my favourite pattern.

I had a queen sized fitted sheet that had never been used in a beautiful style called, "Botchelli" - I've always loved the pattern as it has a mediavel look about it, looking very similar to the intricate groundcover you would see in a mediavel tapesty. This was my chosen new fabric.

I've just finished covering each one and then for safety's sake, I covered it in a durable plastic as well to prevent pencil or marker scribbles. (and those inevitable tears by me!)

So what do you think?


Moonlight in Vermont said...

The chair looks much better. How clever!

What do you mean by covering it with plastic? What kind just in case I need to:)?

Erin said...

What a clever idea and it looks so 'nice';) I've just nominated you for a 'Nice Award'.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Marianne, the plastic is a durable, heavy-duty plastic you buy from a hardware store usually, and it is on large rolls that you measure and cut from.

This plastic is .3 milimeters in thickness (you would have to convert that to your measurement.

Thanks Erin, you know you have just pipped me by a day or so!

KC said...

That chair looks great! Good idea about the plastic.