Sunday, September 2, 2007

Thank you St Joseph!

We received wonderful news last week in regards to my husband’s interview for a new job. He had applied to an advertisement for a general hand at a funeral parlour and at the end of the interview process, they offered dh 3 days a week to start with to train as a funeral director in view to it becoming full time, they were so impressed with his demenor and character. We were stunned! It has been a wonderful answer of prayers to St Joseph, who has been so good to us.

In thanksgiving we went to a Marian Shrine in our state, Marian Valley. There they have an outdoor grotto to St Joseph. We wanted to visit and give the Fathers money for a novena of Masses in honor of St Joseph and also to have three Masses offered for the intentions of all those who have lovingly prayed for us. We are in a drought at present but Marian Valley is usually ever green being in a valley, it is situated just inland of the famous Gold Coast. I hope you enjoy the pictures we took on the day and there are so many, I will probably show them over a few postings in the next few days.

Here is a shot of part of the Gold Coast from Mt Tamborine. Marian Valley is situated right next to this mountain.

It is about 9.30am and we have arrived at the valley, we have taken this photo near the car park and we will follow dd (in view) towards the outdoors church.

This statue of Pope John Paul II is new, only been installed a couple of weeks ago by the Polish community. It will be blessed on the 13th of October. This is beautiful and it ‘greets’ us as we walk towards the church.

Marian Valley is under the patronage of Our Lady Help of Christians. Under this title, Our Lady watches and guides all her Australian children here below. This shrine is near the church and is the first marian shrine we see in the valley. It is peaceful here, with a little pool and water fountain near Our Lady’s image.

If I come out of the little shrine to Our Lady Help of Christians I face the monastery where Father Columba and Father Gabriel live. The Valley is fundraising at present, to build a new monastery in it’s place. One side of the monastery is draped in Jasmine and it is in flower, the exquisite fragrance wafts everywhere!

This is outside of the closed-in ‘sanctuary’ of the outdoors church, with roses (yet to flower) and a beautiful white statue of Our Lady.

We are sitting inside the church where I am looking over at the monastery. I have to say, that this church is so peaceful, nestled among the beautiful surroundings of the valley that you can look out on.

Here is a photo on the other side of the church, you can see Father’s outdoors confessional just in the forefront and at the back of the church you can see the sails of the undercover area where everyone has lunch.

Another similar shot but you can see the bell tower clearly, at the base of the bell tower is a tank full of holy water where pilgrims come and fill their bottles. The bell is rung at the angelus.

This beautiful shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes is situated right behind the church, it is covered in Jasmine and is a picture to behold. The children love to visit this shrine in particular!

As you walk deeper into the valley, past the church, St Joseph’s grotto is one of the first shrines you see and it is one of their oldest shrines.

Just walking a little closer, when we visited it in the morning – I have some lovely photos taken in the afternoon that are really lovely and peaceful, which I will post later on.

Finally come to the end of our first post of a series of three, of our pilgrimage to Marian Valley. Here is a great photo of one of the many Kookaburras that make this valley their home, can you blame them? Wish I could too!
I hope you come back to see the rest of this holy, blessed place.


Marjorie said...

What wonderful news! Continued prayers from Georgia :-)

Mrs Pea said...

I'm so pleased for your husband! And what a wonderful job for a man of true faith to have. I'm sure the Lord will be able to use him in it. Sometimes the bereaved just need, not words or preaching, but the presence of someone who has that deep, deep well of peace and trust in eternity. The church/shrines/monastery look beautiful. I'd never imagined what a monastery would look like in Austrailia. It looks holy.

Matilda said...

We only see Kookaburas at the zoo. My kids thought it was so neat that you see them in the trees. Maybe it is time for some geography studies!