Sunday, November 25, 2007

How Exciting!! Our New Nativity Lights!

No,we are not turning on the lights for good just yet, but we are doing a 'trial run'.

Dh got out his drill and screws and attached this beautiful nativity scene to our french doors and I have used clear, thick tape to hold some of the outside edges to the glass, in case of a bit of wind (or a tropical storm or two...)

We were so thrilled to purchase this scene as we like to have some modest display of lights outside that is fuss free and minimalistic enough to create a christ image that is not distracted by other fancy lighting.

We hope to have these lights on each night starting either on the feast of St Andrew or the first Sunday of Advent..

It is all getting very exciting!


just another day in paradise said...

These are beautiful, Anne. I've always wanted these. Enjoy them!

Erin said...


Where did you get the lights? I've never seen them.

I love your advent wreath, ours never looks that tidy.

I've just popped over here to link to your miraculous medal archive and found all the lovely pics on the side:):) Glad you were able to work it out. I'm going to look at the titles and see if our library has the ones I don't have:)


Anne (aussieannie) said...


The lights I bought from ChristmasCave: They are on special at present.

Thank you SO MUCH for helping me get the book images on the blog, your instructions made it very, very easy!

God Bless, Anne