Monday, December 3, 2007

First Sunday of Advent and Christmas Cards

Our first night lighting the the Advent Candle of 'Hope'.


The first candle of Advent is the candle of Hope. We light this candle to remind us that our hope is in Jesus and to watch for His return.

Light the first candle.

Let us pray : Loving God, we thank You for the hope You give us. As we worship You this morning draw out of us the darkness of the world, and fill us with the light of hope. Help us to prepare our hearts for the Lord's coming. We ask in the name of the One born in Bethlehem. Amen.

It then comes at no surprise the timing of the release of Pope Benedict XIV's latest encyclical 'Spe Salvi’ Saved by Hope, on the feast of St Andrew (30.11.07) just before the first Sunday of Advent, where HOPE is the focus of our preparation. Here is a link explaining the message of this newest blessing (Spe Salvi) to the Christian World.

The children really enjoyed this first night, in the dark with this one candle, lighting our room. Dh had blessed the wreath and said the first prayer as it was lit.

I had found an excellent site that I then used then to read a beautiful sermon for the day, scripture readings, prayers, psalms and information of the wreath and the First Sunday of Advent, I highly recommend this website for excellent information all in one spot and is worth exploring. This is my online reading of the Bible for all the scripture reading references.

Tomorrow morning I will focus on getting the lists ready for christmas card giving. I found these beautiful cards from Portico in Sydney and had them posted up.

I just love the richness of the image and the it's blessed verse on the front of the card.

This beautiful, illumination manuscript Christmas Card was also being sold singlely and due to their expense, I bought only two, but I just had to share the image ~ isn't it beautiful?

Aahh, the beauty, the richness, the blessedness of Christmas!


Meredith said...

Annie, my heart sings every time I see a post from you in my reader. Thank you so much for your beauty and your truth, it just shines through and emanates everything you touch. Your dear children are so blessed! Happy Advent, I LOVE your creations, they are divine.
Blessings and Love,

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I have just found your blog and you have begun answering a question I was thinking about at Mass this morning; what can each of the advent candles mean-hope for the first one; what are the rest?

I too am a homeschooling mum of 6-my youngest is 7mths.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Thank you Meredith for your kind words. "Beauty and Truth" something we cannot take credit for but it is something we all share and our hearts sing for, especially when we know we have been given the free gift of faith ~ and what a beautiful faith it is! And it is a reality that gives us such joy in the Advent season, I look forward to 'feeling at home' at Sweetness and Light as the season continues~!

Peace, Joy (pink, Guadete candle) and Love are the other three candles for the rest of the season, many blessings to you and your big family, very soon now we will be blessed with baby no 6!

Alice Gunther said...

This is all completely beautiful!

MaryM said...

I does sound like a most peaceful evening. And those cards really are beautiful.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Thank you for the answer and congratulations on your 6th baby under your heart

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Btw I've added you to my blogroll on my homeschool blog (Thinking Love, No Twaddle)
God bless

Julian said...

Thanks for the website Anne. Th list of Advent prayers I got from the local CEO library were too PC for me and i want the richnesses of the readings and proper prayers to use with our advent candles. Where the Advent books I have, are only St Anthony knows

Your idea of making Xmas cakes is a good one as many people don't seem to make their own cakes these days.The tins make them look very professional. Eatables always make sense especially as many people have almost everything they need or want