Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Feast Day!

The wonderful feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe has just come and gone and I so much want to blog and express some of my feelings on it all but I've had two hectic days!

God willing tomorrow, I will - especially since my blog is dedicated to Our Lady under this title and image.

As you know, my blog is "Under Her Starry Mantle" and I would like to talk more about that miraculous starry mantle...

Until then, may the Blessed Mother fold you in her mantle and bless you all abundantly!


Mrs Pea said...

Lol! Well, that just isn't good enough. ;o) Your's was the first blog I visited thinking of Our Lady of Guadalupe yesterday, and I was almost disappointed - but as I got to read about something I know almost nothing about Loreto, I couldn't really feel I lost out.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Well there is a longer story behind it all as well.

When I first started the blog I wrote a very long post about Our Lady of Guadalupe and my recent conception of the baby I am due with in 5 weeks with and a dear friend who also was due at a similar time, we had some really beautiful things happen and special connections to this image in regard to our pregnancies, but I pulled the posting as my friend was experiencing troubles and I thought she may lose her precious one.

The truth is this lady has been prayed for, so ardently in the last 14 weeks or so over at 4Real and is finally having her ceasar this coming Tue at 38.2weeks!

So I thought I'd re-post the old posting on the feast but do you think I could find where I had saved that file? SO disappointing! - Well maybe it just wasn't meant to be - anyway I've finally got there and written about Our Lady's mantle - thanks for thinking of me and my blog, Mrs Pea, on her beautiful feastday!