Thursday, December 13, 2007

LIGHTS! On the feast of St Lucy

We started a tradition last year, to visit the Christmas lights on our side of the city on the feast of St Lucy - her name of course, means "Light." We were really itching before this point to visit all the beautiful displays but we patiently waited for this night to make the rememberance of this beautiful saint to be associated with the lights of Christmas.

Oh, yes - there's a 'bump' in this picture - me at 35weeks to the day! Dh took this shot while my youngest and I were looking at the lights - and there I am again, "barefoot and pregnant"! I feel so completely heavy at this stage, this little baby cannot come soon enough - but I don't have a history of that, so I must patiently wait....

Our first stop off was at a Uniting Church that does a magnificent display of lights that these poor, poor photos, just don't justice to it! Their focus is the true meaning of Christmas with nativity scenes everywhere!

Then we went and visited the street that won the best lights in a street in the whole of our city - once again these poor photos are but bare little snippets of the real effect and awe this cul-de-sac creates. Every house in this street is beautifully decorated and my littlest could not stop the "Oh! Wow!!" every few seconds.

This scene was so peaceful and serene with Our Lady and the crib nestled amoung the beautiful ground lights...

At the end of the street was some Aussie christmas lights, with kangaroos and koalas. We drove home singing 'Santa Lucia' at the top of our lungs and I am so tired now, I am really ready for bed, hence my further delay on a posting for the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Happy feast day, St Lucy!


Ruth said...

I'm keping you in my prayers. I hope the baby comes sooner than later : )

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Lovely idea!

You look great, too.

My birthday is Jan 2 - wouldn't that be early for the wee one to arrive? ;-)

Nissa said...

Oh, Anne! What a lovely bump! I can't wait until you post about the blessed arrival!

What a beautiful light display. And in the summer, too! We're freezing up here in the Northern hemi - snow is falling at about 1" per hour right now.

Eileen said...

There is a Shrine to Our Lady of Fatima not too far from here, that has a beautiful light display like this one every year at Christmastime. What a wonderful idea to combine a visit there with this feast!

Oh, and you look awesome. God bless you in this truly special time of waiting!