Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's simply called "Simplify"

A dear Australian friend of mine, Jenny has just shared some really beautiful thoughts for the beginning of advent, she has called her post, Simplify.

I want to quote something from it, but it is a small part of her whole post, so drop by to read it in full, for a good start to anyone's advent preparation.

"So here I sit, 25 days out from celebrating the greatest GIFT ever given to mankind, and I have finally come to the conclusion that just because you can doesn't mean you should. For me, at least.

As this Advent Season begins today I hope to meditate more on the love for people that can be expressed more simply - a card unexpected to say I'm praying for them, a phone call to ask how they are and is there anything they need, a bag of fresh summer fruits for the family down the road who've lost their father, a hug for that lady with the weary eyes, a freshly baked cake and a coffee for my husband when he returns home weary from doing end of year report cards....In contrast to God's sacrificial gift of Jesus my own gifts have been driven by personal pleasure mostly, and now expecting myself to give more in their making is purely prideful. This is not the attitude I want to be fostering in my soul. When I make something I want it to be for the pure delight of using a talent God has given me, and I think that means to cast off the notion of perfection and embrace the freshness of simplicity in all things." - Jenny at "HE KNOWS MY NAME"

I have been a recepient to Jenny's incredible generosity in the past and I want to share two lovely creations that Jenny and her daughter 'Blossom' have made recently.

The padded, draw-string bag above was made to put my 'travelling' statue of Our Lady in, for when we go walking along the beach (or anywhere outdoors) and we would like to stop and say the rosary.

Just above is beautiful sewing caddy made for me and my patchwork endeavours, the mixing of colours, the lace, everything is so perfect!

Today I thank God for a friend I have yet to met in person but has shown me such love in all ways, particularly in prayer.

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Purpleflowerpatch said...

Oh Anne, you made me is *I* who am blessed to call YOU my friend. {{{Thank you}}}