Friday, November 28, 2008

Jesse Tree and Advent Wreath preparations.

Every year we have had a totally different Jesse Tree craft - different trees, different ornaments. I had hoped that last year would be the last of contantly changing them when we bought our Daintree Pine, but no matter how lovingly I watered it outside after Christmas, it slowly died...

This year I found a very vibrant and colourful tree, different, unusual are all words that come to mind. But I like it. It has the vibrant primary colours with pink and purple. So I envisoned ornaments hanging from it, wired on.

When I picked up my Jesse Tree layby I look around for suitable ornaments, couldn't be round balls, they wouldn't sit right...then I spied the perfect thing...three dimensional, flat shaped stars in the perfect advent purple and pink.

I have used left over beading wire in gold and gold crimps to attach the ornaments securely to the tree. There are 17 purple ornaments and 7 pink - the pink will be for the Gaudete week, mirroring the candles on the Advent Wreath.

This is how the tree looked when I bought it. I wanted something that I could use over and over again, but that there COULD be a yearly, new craft element to it. So I decided I would buy round, white stickers that will fit in the center of each star. Before they are stuck on, a child will draw the Jesse Tree symbol for that day and colour it.

Next year, I can stick a new lot over the top allowing the children to use their creative art skills anew. I can swivel the ornament so the plain, shiny side is showing, when the day for it to be displayed with an image arrives, it can be swivelled around as the sticker would have been on the back, so I can have the children do their colouring/drawing activities in advance, if need be. (Often it is.)

I will sit this Jesse Tree on our Advent Altar.

This photo doesn't quite do it is 'busy' with bright colours and glittery textures.
I have just pulled out and given a quick renovation to our Advent Wreath from last year, I had to replace two cones, I bought new ribbon and I still need to buy the Christ Candle.

Here is my extensive posting about the tradition of the Advent Wreath from last year.

Here is how we made the Advent Wreath.
Our new Advent Wreath ribbon close it in two days time, how exciting!!


Nancy said...

The tree is gorgeous! What a great idea! I guess I better dig out my advent stuff soon...if I don't start now, I might not have it ready by Sunday!!!

MaryM said...

I love that tree - It is so beautiful with the Advent colors.