Thursday, November 27, 2008

Weather in my part of the world...

We have had a series of storms hit around my part of the world and we are very grateful that we have gotten through them unscathed. Unfortunately more are predicted.

Though not far from us, some areas were declared a national disaster, with the army needing to come in and assist in the aftermath...The video below is in one such area.

If you are curious to hear the 'local lingo' and local accent in the background, this is very typical!!! (There's a couple of safe, 'holy moly's' and one 'holy hell' but no offensive language!)


Therese said...

we have had lots of storms here too Anne. I think we have had more rain in the last month than we have had all year.


Leanne said...

That was amazing, absolutely huge winds. Praise God, so far you have come out unscaithed.
Thanks for sharing,