Sunday, June 14, 2009

Corpus Christi 2009

Once again we were blessed to attend our city's Corpus Christi procession. It was a beautiful winter's day, not cold, just a lovely day in the presence of Our Lord.

Even I was made to wear a procession cape while walking with the little ones.

Off we go, little Anna and I.

I feel very emotional, it was Anna's first Corpus Christi procession where she wore white and red and threw petals..

Some of the children in the procession.

My darling Faustina, enjoying the company of friends.

Procession with all the bright and beautiful banners.

The Eucharistic Canopy processes by.

The procession worked it's way around the big oval.

Anna had SO MUCH fun today!

The Eucharistic Tent.

My dear Therese.. she needed to smile so that everyone knows she had a lovely time as she said she did!

Look at my George and Ambrose! They looked so smart and held hands together, they were such good boys!

Our city has just started up it's first Perpetual Adoration Chapel which we go and visit once a week as a family. The chapel is very modern but there is such a peace and serenity here, you can feel the presence of the Lord. I love the tabernacle in particular, representing the Tent that housed the Ark of the Lord in the Old Testament. The artwork is beautiful, all the folds in the tent..

Our Lord is exposed at the front and it gives a luminous is a great blessing to just spend time with Him.

Have a blessed feast day!!!


Gae said...

It looks like a lovely day. Your children look handsome and beautiful, as do you.
God Bless

Enbrethiliel said...


What wonderful traditions the Catholics of your city have kept alive!

I'm not too crazy about the adoration chapel design myself, but you're right that it's the Real Presence that really matters in the end.

Amy Caroline said...

How beautiful! I wish we had something so lovely here!

Ruth said...

What a beautiful procession! Great pictures.

molly said...

lovely! YOur children all look so beautiful and happy. We too had a great Corpus Christi procession, what a joy to see them all around the world.