Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cough and Cold ammunition!

Do you think that I might be taking winter coughs and colds seriously???

Wild Cherry Bark, Mullien and Sundew. Good cough herbs. I'll also make my own garlic and mullien oil for the ear..

Wild Cherry Bark is also good for asthma and whooping cough (which is going around in my city at present.)

I know my herbalist always put Sundew in my croupy son's croup mix, he was a bad case but due to the herbs, never had to go to hospital and only once on drugs. He has suffered it since birth through to the age of six, so that was good control considering...

Elecampane, Plantain and White Horehound.

Elecampane caught me eye after my herbalist told me how she treated an elderly patient for emphasma who was expected to die from it. He wasn't expecting a cure nor was my herbalist but within a few years of regular treatment with elecampane, he went back to the doctors for a re-evaluation only to be told he no longer had it anymore...

Plantain is a good cough herb so is White Horehound. Today I made a Horehound Cough Syrup and tomorrow I'm going to take a crack at making Horehound cough drops.

I'll come back again soon and share recipes once they have both been successfully made.
Marshmallow Root, Thyme Leaf, Sage, good winter herbs...

Thyme I'll use in my stocks along with Marigold flowers.

Gymnema is for my low blood sugar problems, my body doesn't like being without it.

Lastly Dill leaf, I LOVE the flavour of dill and want to use it for cooking.

We are loving our Elderberry tinctures!! It will be a winter must every year in our house for sitting on viruses!


Sarah said...

I've decided this is the year to finally buckle down and learn herbal remedies. I'd love to hear how you go started and any suggestions you could offer. There are so many books and websites out there I don't know where to start.

Crystal said...

I am also in the quest of learning to make my own herbal remedies. I use combinations made by companies but I want to do make them from the dried or fresh herb. I would love to learn how to find herbs in the wild and grow some as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.