Monday, July 27, 2009

Spiritual Motherhood for Priests Blog just started

In this Jubilee Year of the Priest, motivated by the Congregation of Clergy's inspirational booklet, Adoration, Reparation and Spiritual Motherhood for Priests (ARSMP) Zeliemum (Chemai) and I have been stirred to take spiritual action to support the sanctification of our priests, to pray for priests and vocations in the Church and vocations from our own families and to strengthen the battle against the priesthood in this sacrilegious era. In order to further promote this devotion we have endeavoured to start a blog dedicated to Spiritual Motherhood for Priests.

We are hoping to connect with likeminded women, whether married, single or consecrated who, after reading Adoration, Reparation, Spiritual Motherhood for Priests will join us in putting together our merits at the disposition of Our Lord, collectively in prayer, adoration, thanksgiving, praise, petition and reparation. Our beloved Pope Benedict XVI says “the urgent call of the Lord stresses that prayer for vocations should be continuous and trusting, as to be raised to God incessantly and from every corner of the earth”.

The blessed 'fruit' of the prayers of the Mothers of Lu.

Through this devotion we may do great things as the woman from the Northern Italian village of Lu (pg 18 ARSMP) did from their humble and persevering prayers. These women offered one visits a month to the Blessed Sacrament, they united a prayer intention for vocations at Mass on the first Sunday of the month and the simple prayer mentioned at the bottom of this letter. Through these ordinary actions and offerings their prayers raised up 323 priests and religious for the Church, including one Blessed of the Church and an Archbishop.

We hope to unite together with other women throughout the world in committing together as many of the following spiritual actions:

* To pray for priests through Eucharistic Adoration, at least once a month.

* Through offering Mass and Holy Communion for priests on the 1st Thursday of the month to obtain the plenary indulgence for the Jubilee Year.

* If attending Mass on the first Thursday is not possible, to offer the prayer to Sacred Heart of Jesus for priests written by St Therese of Lisieux. (This can be found over at Spiritual Motherhood for Priests).

* Offering Mass and Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month for vocations, particularly in our own families & offer the prayer of the Mothers of Lu.
* To recite as often as possible throughout the day, the prayer of Sister Consolata, victim for priests, "Jesus, Mary, I love you save souls!" remembering particularly the souls of priests.

The booklet Adoration, Reparation and Spiritual Motherhood for Priests

We will be sharing the stories from this booklet and many more stories within the Church to encourage each other in this prayerful activity and we would love women to share any faith filled stories of Spiritual Motherhood for Priests that they might come across, any discoveries on the Saints that lived Spiritual Motherhood, any pertinent prayers, any practical action on Spiritual Motherhood from their parish, or articles of interest. We can post up your stories onto the blog with personal acknowledgment or not.

If you are able to commit to the minimum of one hour in Eucharistic Adoration monthly to pray for priests and vocations, please email us (over at the blog) and we will add your chosen name or blog name to the sidebar list in an effort to sustain each other in this pledge. We can also email ladies a prayer sheet, that they can cut up into prayer cards to put in their prayer books etc.

The little villiage of Lu, in Northern Italy.

Our hope is to develop a virtual village of Lu through the new technology of the internet and to advance the awareness of Spiritual Motherhood for Priest in order to increase this devotion that we were blessed to become aware of from the Congregation for the Clergy. You may want to earkmark this site for future reading on Spiritual Motherhood and novenas, thoroughout the year to come.

God Bless and we look forward to praying with you.

The simple prayer of the Mothers of Lu.

"O God, grant that one of my children may become a priest or religious!
I myself want to live as a good Christian
and want to guide my children always to do what is right,
so that I may receive the grace, O God, to be allowed to give you a holy priest or religious! Amen."

Stained glass window at St Stephen's of St John Vianney, patron of parish priests

Please join with us in a novena to St John Vianney for priests, starting today 27th of July and finishing on the 4th of August, The Cure's feastday, this year marks the 150th anniversary of his death and is an especially indulgenced day which we will talk about very soon. The novena prayer for each day is over at Spiritual Motherhood for Priests in this posting.


Elizabeth said...

Wonderful! Our small group of home schooling moms (here is California) began the Year of the Priest with a weekly hour of Eucharistic Adoration. Inspired by the mothers of Lu, we join in prayer to praise Jesus and humbly pray for our priests and for the vocations of our sons.

Julia said...

I will email over there to be added! You might be interested in reading a few things (related) here as well...

Anonymous said...

Good to see this. I didn't check all the links, but you may want to add these two that are also dedicated to spiritual mother of priests

Leonie said...

Thank you! Our Womens' group at our parish has been reading about the spiritual motherhood of priests and have taken up the prayers as a group. Add my name/blog to the list! :-)

rox said...

This is beautiful Anne ! We have 4 whom you can keep in prayer regarding the priesthood ;-)