Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saint Ornaments, O Antiphons again

(click on photos for enlarged view of the ornaments)

I HAD planned on adding some decoration around the edges of these ornaments NEXT year...but I walked past a shop and found just the thing and so here I am with another posting showing the final look of the ornaments.

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Super glue was used again to attach the glittery pine cleaners around the edges, the round ornament of St Adelaide (first photo) has glittery circles, all around the round edge.

So they are now seriously colourful and christmassy, just the way dh likes it!

Here is a photo of the Christmas Day ornament, as I said we would, we painted the 'C' black and glued the silver stars..the big star on the letter is the bright and beautiful christmas star.
Once again, here is the photo of the O Antiphons that start on the 17th, through to the 23rd.
These ornaments will amply fill our large christmas tree, amongst the ornaments there will be colourful fairy lights!


Lucy said...

Anne! They are so lovely. Normally, I am a scandanavian sort of girl at Christmas, red, white, corn ornaments, wood etc - but you have sold me on colour and sparkle and bringing the sacred to the tree. Normally, the tree is the secular decoration just to delight with prettiness but not make us think of Jesus, and your ornaments are wonderful - bet the children love them and are proud of their contribution too.

Elena said...

You outdid yourself - these are gorgeous! and I am seriously going to copy them!!

maureen said...

i found your blog via a link at pondered in my heart. wow. your ornaments are so rich and beautiful. we are going to make the o antiphons this year and add the advent saints next year. thank you for sharing this!

ARCH-Triad said...

Anne, these are just simply exquisite! I love them, I have to figure out how I can pull this one off because I just simply love this idea. I dread the whole tree decorating part, but now you have brought purpose to doing it! Thank you! :) Erika