Tuesday, April 5, 2011

St Anne Sidebar Archives...at last!

I have been promising for a long time to place my Tuesdays with St Anne postings, link by link in the sidebar of Under Her Starry Mantle. It was always going to be a big job, hence my terrible delay but finally I have done it.

It will make a hugh difference for anyone who would like to go back and read any of the past information I have shared here. I have had a few different 'series' on the life of St Anne and used different sources from time to time. I have also come across things out of the blue. So I've tried to have some sort of structure in my sidebar to reflect all of that.

I felt the best way to display the information was to put them under subheadings with an image like the ones you can see below:
The day I found information about the birthplace and home of St Anne, I was so awestruck. Discovering where it was and it's symbolic significance was incredible. To top it off, someone informed me later that day the the daily readings at Mass for that day was a scene from that spot! There are three postings to look at, they will be in the lefthand sidebar under the icon you see above.

St Anne's Chaplet is one of the best of all chaplets. It's simple, not too long and you don't need to read long prayers. Did I mention it was powerful? I can say from personal experience, it is!

I have a few postings on St Anne's chaplet ~ how to recite it, it's efficacy. The second posting in the list, is the story of how we saw the Holy Father at WYD, totally against the odds, and how I believe it is through the recitation of St Anne's Chaplet.

I have added to the link list two postings of my St Anne Chaplet creations ~ one to my own St Anne chaplet and another to the seven symbolic ones I made one year to giveaway for her feast..you may enjoy to read what inspired each one.

Under this icon heading, I have linked the stories on the life of St Anne that I have shared from a big out-of-print book on St Anne called, St Anne: Grandmother of Our Saviour, written by Frances Parkinson Keyes. It was an enjoyable, informative series.

I only have two links at this stage, under this icon. One is to a meal with much symbolic meaning to it, including a cake I made that was also shared at Catholic Cuisine. The second posting is a craft we made to honour St Anne through her litany titles.

This icon is the first one in the lefthand sidebar, directly under my link to the Transapline Redemptorists on Papastronsay in Scotland. The reason for that is, I shared probably the best source of information on the life of St Anne and the history of her devotion from a beautiful Catholic newspaper/magazine, given to me from my sister-in-law last year. I didn't know who published it, sharing only the name of the paper as the source of my information. Then I was very blessed to discover the blog Papastronsay and subsequently realised that it was their publication!

So I have gone back through all of those postings in the series (nine of them) and given a more accurate HT to this wonderful order and it's publication. You will love the stories from this series. If this is a calibre of the articles from the magazine Catholic, then it's definitely worth subscribing to.

Under this icon are all the miscellaneous postings I've shared over the years...there are some really lovely things in this section, St Anne poems, images, stationery, stories and much more.

I launched Tuesdays with St Anne with this little Tan book, Good St Anne. It's a wonderful little book and sharing it was a joy, some of the best St Anne postings are in this list, including my very first posting.

I have shared three different Novenas to St Anne during the last few years, they are novenas that have a special prayer for each day. They are all beautiful. My favourite is "Novena 1" which I recite every day.

This little book, "Pilgrim's Handbook of St Anne deBeaupre" is my latest discovery. It was published in 1883 and has many new prayers and devotions I have never seen before. I will be sharing from this book in the weeks and months to come. Look especially to the beginning of July this year (month of St Anne's feast day) as I will have something to share everyday from this book. So far under this icon, I have the Way of the Cross with St Anne, perfect for Lent.


Anonymous said...

I so excited to have come across your blog. I'm going through RCIA right now and I've chosen St. Anne as my patron saint.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Kate, I'm so pleased you have found my site, there is so much on St Anne here for you to read! Wonderful news on your RCIA instruction, you have chosen a wonderful patroness and I'll remember you to St Anne in my daily novena for grace-filled entry into the Church.

God Bless!