Monday, April 4, 2011

A Tenner in chain..a new endeavour

Last night, out of the absolute blue (not planned, so very me when it comes to beading) I made this tenner. Even when I picked out the medal, crucifix and beads, I STILL didn't know I was going to make it in chains rather than the normal soft flex wire. So the chain idea came to me and within 5mins I was away.

It came together without problems, just a little slower as I so very carefully, wrapped the wire to the chain. The movement in the tenner amazed me, it felt fantastic and because of that movement sat in the hand as easily as my wire tenners which I use smaller Ave beads (8mm) ~ this tenner has 10mm Aves.

I love this tenner, it is earthy and magestic in appearance, thanks to the Fossilized gemstone beads and solid, unpolished bronze...

The Eucharistic Adoration medal is incredible, I have not seen one so spectacular than this, other than the Our Lady of Mt Carmel scarf medal I have used in the past. I chose a Fleur de Lis cut-out crucifix matches beautifully with the cut-out work in the Eucharistic medal.

I've done something very different ...I've used 10mm Aves and the spaces are far bigger than anything I've ever created..and it feels perfect in the hand, fingering from one Ave to another..

Now to test it's durability ~ I believe it to be VERY durable...the weeks and months ahead with daily use, will tell. I'm very happy.

I name this tenner ~ Heaven on Earth.


Anonymous said...

that is awesome. I could see it feeling "just right" in one's hands as they finger their "Aves".

Natalie said...

Stunning - I love it!

Christine said...

Anne, it is beautiful! Where did you get the medal and crucifix?

I hope that you have a blessed week!

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Hi Christine,

I usually order from a company for registered businesses only, but you can also purchase those parts from a public site in the USA or maybe with Alice at Email me at if you want to ask anything else from what I've shared, or have any new questions, I'd love to chat about it.

God Bless, Anne

Lynne said...

That is beautiful!